Courage Boy Magnetic Card Holder

Solve the mood first, then the things. Everyone will occasionally get shot and shoot arrows, When depressed and gloomy, look at the little brave man on the table, Solve ridicule for yourself in a relaxed way, Help yourself cheer up and set off.

Item Number :
CS-FH6001 (面對挑戰)
NT$ 520

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Product Information

Product description and story
When the mood is down, the courage boy who plays on the table, in order to encourage himself to face life like the courage boy optimistic character,
There is nothing to go by, only the mood to go through, to laugh at yourself in a relaxed and humorous way, smile before you start.
The arrow-shaped magnet symbolizes frustration, expressing negative emotions through random movements,
Turn to see things in a positive, optimistic, and interesting way.

Each arrow, knife, and toilet is a magnet, which can be attracted to the brave boy,
In addition to solving the boredom for yourself, you can also attract it to the whiteboard or other places to make the magnetic attraction more interesting!

The courage boy can store magnets in the base, and there is also a place for placing business cards above the base.
Not only can it be used as a plaything but also integrated into the office table.

Style selection
Face the Challenge (CS-FH6001)-Hands on the head, ready to win the white blade empty hand
Never surrender (CS-FH6002)-Arrow in the belly, tears, face with a smile
Courage to move forward (CS-FH6003)-I am Superman, holding my right hand high and full of confidence

Exquisite packaging design

ABS (rubber touch coating on main body surface), iron sand, magnet

Body x1 (∮80mm x 150mm)
(Included arrow-shaped magnet x2, knife-shaped magnet x2, toilet suction magnet x1)

Use and maintenance
Do not place the brave boy in direct sunlight and high humidity, and keep it dry.

Designer and brand profile
iThinking, a creative brand from Taiwan, all products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan,
Emphasize the designer's self-awareness and embodiment of love, providing high-quality products and interesting small things in life.

"Design with home in mind" is the biggest tenet of the iThinking brand management: starting from the ordinary supplies in life, starting with the warmth of the home,
Then it is converted into a product with life, healing, and sensibility, with rich colors, and a warmer atmosphere of life can be created at will!

iThinking's design category includes stationery, healing objects, creative hand tools, and is based on natural creatures.
Expect to combine the designer's personal style and nature to create a warm daily necessities. With the natural atmosphere created by these commodities,
Let consumers directly feel the beauty of nature and life full of novelty!

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan