Deer Dear II Pliers For Wall

Tool or decoration? You decide!

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Product Information


The [Super Practical Aesthetics] Dear Deer II won the "Best Appearance Design" and "Retailer of the Year" awards from the Interior Lifestyle China 2017 Home Fashion Awards.

Product description and story
Deer are beautiful and gentle in traditional Chinese culture, and they are also the beasts that symbolize rights, longevity and good luck. Following the launch of Dear Deer, which has been loved by consumers around the world, this time it also observes the daily needs of the public and reinterprets Dear Deer II. Combining the appearance characteristics of Chinese and Western deer, the unique character lines are scribed. Make the beauty, practicality and storage of household tools into one.

Dear Deer II has officially become a home appliance for wall tools, enhancing the texture of furnishings and increasing the convenience of accessing tools. Presented in low-key metallic tones, it adds a sense of stability to the house and is the best choice for modern, industrial-style decor.

Persistence in quality
The body of Dear Deer II is made of environmentally friendly and high toughness engineering grade plastic steel, which is light and strong. The three colors of hanging deer are semi-gloss metallic. Paired with different color pliers antlers, more makeup style.

Dear Deer II hanging deer pliers emphasize the decorative aesthetics and storage diversity of tools. Not only the home of the pliers, but also the multi-functional hook decoration. The three powerful magnets inside make the Dear Deer II hanging pliers easy to carry and use. Household tools can no longer only stay in the toolbox.

Standard installation (about 10kg load capacity)
1. Use an existing screw or place the screw on the wall
2. Adhesive on the metal plate supplied with us. (You can use the 3M double-sided tape we supplied, or another commercially available non-marking tape)
3. Paste the magic iron sheet to about 1cm below the screw. (It is more reliable to use the installation card we provided)
4. Hang on the deer body, congratulations on completing this difficult task!
At this time, you can use tool pliers, or hang backpacks, scarves and other belongings, pull down the small hook that can be extended under the deer head, and you can also hang keys or other small objects.
(In turn, after attaching the magic patch, it is OK to add the locking screw)

Simple installation (please note: it can not absorb heavy objects everywhere; it can hold about 6 general keys)
1. Adhere to various iron metal materials such as refrigerators, iron cabinets, various toolboxes at will.
2. Use the magic iron sheet supplied with us and stick the adhesive to the wall, then it can be absorbed. Pull down the small hook that can be extended under the head of the deer, and you can also hang the key or other small objects.
If we use our magic iron piece, it can bear a weight of about 1 kg

Body L65 x H175mm
Weight 160g / FRP deer body, 420 stainless steel, TPR / PP
Pliers have needle-nose pliers

Needle nose pliers-

Luxury fog gold (first right in the picture below), wild fog silver (first left in the picture below), texture fog bronze (pictured below)
In addition, Taiwan's exclusive black (second right from the picture below) and white models (second left from the picture below)

Packaging features
(Pliers, body, metal plate, double-sided tape, hook, screws, photo frame each)
With a three-dimensional wall frame inside, Dear Deer II can also be stored as a decoration when not in use, for better display and access

Series Brothers-[Confidence on the Desk] Dear Deer II-Zipper Tool Pliers, Synchronized Confident debut

brand introduction
Life is full of surprises, iThinking breaks through the existing tools to give people a monotonous and unimpressive impression, giving the tool a new value, changing the image of the tool through design, not only the practicality but also the atmosphere in the house is greatly added, making the home more warm and comfortable , An aspiring residence!
iThinking, a creative design brand from Taiwan, all products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan,
"Design with home in mind" is the biggest tenet of the brand management: ordinary products in life, starting from the warmth of the home, and then converted into products with life, healing, and sensibility.

A small reminder: there may be a color difference in the color of the photo
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