Soft / hard hammer cover and base (Rhino mallet exclusive accessories)

** This is an optional accessory for Rhino Hammer ** Do you / you are reluctant to use the rhino hammer because it is too delicate and too cute? It's ok! ! Now there is a better choice! !

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NT$ 200

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Product Information

Rhino Hammer, the reference is as follows:
‧ Three-color model

‧ Primary color version
‧ Special Edition


product manual:
The bottom of the Rhino Hammer Caps Stand is attached with a rubber (soft) surface and another hammer sleeve with a stainless steel (hard) surface.

When using, first remove the rhino rubber sleeve from the base

Install the rubber sleeve on the surface of the rhinoceros hammer

When you use Rhino Hammer, you don't have to worry about hurting the cute Rhino or the damage to your beloved items.

After use, the rubber sleeve can also be stored in the base. The non-toxic TPR environmental rubber in the center of the base allows Rhino to stand stably on the base and not slide easily, forming the most complete decoration on your table.

(Please note: This is an exclusive accessory set, excluding rhinoceros mallet body)
Rhino Hammer is purchased separately, as follows:
‧ Three-color model

‧ Primary color version
‧ Special Edition

Standard sizes:
‧ Base L110 x W60 x H12mm
‧ 1 base
‧ 1 silicone hammer surface
‧ 304 stainless steel hammer surface 1
‧ Weight approximately 52g

The hammer surface has a soft hammer surface using silicone rubber and a hard hammer surface using 304 stainless steel.

Use and maintenance
Do not place the Rhino Stand in a place exposed to strong light and high humidity, and keep it dry.

Designer and brand profile
iThinking, a creative brand from Taiwan, all products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan, emphasizing the designer's self-consciousness and love, providing high-quality products and interesting small things in life.

"Design with home in mind" is the biggest tenet of the iThinking brand management: starting from the ordinary things in life, starting from the warmth of the home, and then transforming it into a product with life, healing, and sensibility, with a rich mix Color, create a warmer atmosphere of life at will!

The design category of iThinking includes stationery, healing objects, creative hand tools, taking natural creatures as the prototype, and hopes to combine the designer's personal style with nature to create warm daily necessities. With the natural atmosphere created by these products, consumers can directly experience the beauty of nature and a life full of novelty!

Origin / Taiwan