Bear Papa & His Home

We put tools in our home, but where are they when needed? Only iThinking is making the sleek, compact, and totally unique product for your home!

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NT$ 1,360

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Product Information

Congratulations for Bear Papa & His Home of winning 2018 OTOP Product Design Award!

They are moving forward for his homeland, Taichung City, a beautiful image.


We put tools in our home, but where are they when it’s needed? 

Product Description & story 
The the grizzly bear guards his green mountain and polar bear stands below the silver hill, like a peaceful view of fjord and nature. It’s Bear Papa & His Home.

By layer, the close-up scenery looks simple, however back in a distance reveals the tidiness and a harmonious atmosphere blends cozily into the home.

With a design inspired by a sense of concern for the environment and the crisis of losing his homeland faced by Bear Papa, this product offers a storage space for small objects and also includes 21 screwdriver bits of various scales. Use Bear head for handle and attach to the magnetic bit.

It is a useful tool set and also an adorable decorative piece when not in use. Straight up the two stones at the back side can turn the set into business card or phone stand.

It is easy to reach when place in a correct position which saves time on rummaging around looking for it and money buying missing replacements.

Who said tool should be put away into toolbox?

Bear Papa& His Home is offering 5 colors as choice.

*Notice! This white bear is provided with normal CRV bits, “NOT” gold-plated edition.

Quality & Design
Bear's body is based on environmentally friendly as well as tough engineering level plastic(PP). The surface is covered with eco-friendly rubber(TPR) to enhance the grip comfort and enhance friction. In order to ensure the texture and refinement in the future, it is manufactured with two-material injection and integrated mold. The screwdriver is made of stainless steel, and the screwdriver bits are Silicon-alloy steel(S2) with chrome-plated(CRV) treatment on the surface(for anti-rust). All choice of materials is used for professional tools.

Size & Contain
‧ Bear body ø 57 x H125mm
‧ Mountain L200 x W200 xH 88mm
‧ 3 direction bear head ratchet screwdriver handle 
‧ Small handle (in the mountain) 
‧ 1/4", 50mm length bits(total 21 bits)

Use & Maintenance
Do not place in direct sunlight or excessive humidity, and keep it dry.

Brand & Design

iThinking is a brand of Taiwan’s creative designs, and all products are created in Taiwan from design to manufacture.


“Design with home in mind” is the fundamental concept of iThinking’s brand management: Design heartwarming household atmosphere with love and convert normal objects into living while fun commodities that are full of life, sentiments, and comforting qualities. With each designer’s personal style and affection highlighted in the products, every design is created with rich colors and intended to bring an added sense of delight to your everyday life!