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What is the definition for home? What is the temperature of home in your mind?
What kind of place is waiting for you every tired night when back home?

You always run for others, spend more time outside than at home, hurriedly go out & go home every day. How long have you not stayed at home to enjoy life? My dear friend, you can actually be more of yourself, and occasionally put yourself first!

"Only you can decide when is your own good time."

Being iThinkingmember, let you living in a pretty temperature every day, and get more surprises in your life.

What can you possess to be a membership?

Log-in the website: Operate easily

Three steps to register as a member


Register as a member, you can use Email as an account

(or log in by Facebook directly)


Set password and nickname


Confirm the verification code in the Email ( the FB account directly log in), the login is correct, then complete!

Personal data Privacy Guarantee

Personal data protection

In order to provide the best service to the membership, iThinking uses SSL security technology to allow you to join members without any worries, and you can enter your personal information without worrying about the leakage of information!

Purchasing : The original lifestyle taste!

The added value of life

iThinking is committed to integrating design into life, and hopes that through high value-added household products, when you buy, you will not only bring back the goods, but also a taste of design and the temperature of the family!

Purchasing: Special Discount

As a member of iThinking, you can enjoy our exclusive membership price for shopping, as well as our irregular schedule activities, so that you can purchase our products at a more cost-effective price!

Serice: Permanent warranty is not novel, but great!

Buy once; use forever.

In order to provide iThinking members with complete after-sales protection, we provide Taiwan’s first "perpetual warranty" service. As long as you are an iThinking member and purchase our design products, you can enjoy the permanent warranty benefits and exchange for brand new products!
※The permanent service will be promoted in Taiwan at first.※


First-line creative interflow

Are you not only a buyer, but also a person who insists on creative life? On the iThinking platform, you can not only buy our creative products, but also take the lead in seeing our unlisted ideas. iThinking will also share the latest creative ideas of designers on the platform from time to time, so that members can proceed with our ideas. For communication, members can provide suggestions and ideas, and even better, the designer is likely to adopt your opinions!

Service: Instant online customer service

n order to provide fast & instant service, iThinking online customer service will offer help immediately when you have any questions.

Those who can arrive, the only difference is that they have already set off. They all joined.How about you?

If you have any questions about the consumer service section, please send us a letter! We will reply promptly during office hours!