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Join iThinking as our exclusive iDesigner and fight for your dream.

World might not be perfect, but it doesn’t mean it’s not pretty.

Being a designer is never an easy job! While you still step on it even if you knew it’s challenging. Because you are expecting a wonderland after the thorns! We turn our days and nights into efforts in order to make a bit difference in the world as exchange. We understand the perseverance as a designer and we believe in the original good intention to design, but we think the world is not giving enough feedback to you!

So, this is why iDesigner exist! We are here to help you devote the world, and we support you.

「I am design」iDesigner

We give all people committed to design a name that you deserved.
You may stand for your work, and define the value.
We will turn back time and give you this opportunity which you can be the designer you initially wanted to be without concerns.

Then, what can we give you?

An Income

Set your price! Subscription!

In iDesigner, you can easily present through uploading design concept description and 5 images as an article. The most attractive deal for iDesigner is you will set your own price for your work! Attracting professionals to subscribe to your designs and your ideas, buyers can throw in higher price, and then you can sell at a high point, making the design even worthy as investment.

Ideas to product! Extra commission!

As a designer, seeing your products been sold, design been exposed to more people, even let them see the original ideas you want to convey can almost be the best thing! In iDesigner, if your work is approved and then subscribed by the manufacturer, you have the opportunity to produce massively, commercialize your design and sell it on the market! In additionally, iDesigner will retain some parts for designer incentives! So don't hesitate, post your ideas out right now!

A stage to be seen

More exposure

Log in iDesigner, place the image and personal profile according to the service request to expose your information to more people. Also, experiences of competitions, exhibitions or related information are highly informative for others to understand you in a short time.

Building personal brand image

Rather than defined by others, you are free to create your own paintings as well as art to show your characteristic. It can also be a great opportunity if your drawings and painting are liked by any manufacturer. Now come and create your own brand!

Chance for self-improvement

Exchange ideas & meeting designers!

Maybe you are good at designing products and someone here is good at fashion design. This is where you can communicate and learn from each other! In your personal profile column, write down the skill you lack or people with specific skill you are interested in to talk! Find a complementary partner for yourself and you will get more than competition, but chance of improvement.

Find guidance from senior designers

In iDesigner you can meet partners and in big chance, senior designers. We want the service to help you with not only market attention, but also share with experiences to guide and making a growth of learning.

More type of resource

Manufacturers are here!

Having a concern of the skill for commercialize? In this time that designers are expected to be multi-skilled, iDesigner let you focus on design, and we will match you the rest that you lack to help you find a proper producer. Find professional as well as senior artisans here for a real business now!

Marketing talents are here!

Finally commercialized but worried about the next reality-sales? No problem, iDesigner will help you find the right guy! We will customize the best marketing plans to support the product, and seek the suitable channel to distribute. Your idea will not be just in mind, but into a real something in live!

What are you waiting?

iDesigner of iThinking, fight for your dream! When you move forward to your dream, all the universe conspires in helping you to make a path through.

If you have any question of the service, please email us in our office hour! We will reply shortly.